The Lynden Pioneer Museum is proud to announce its collaboration

with the Military Historical Association

We will be providing lectures and bulletines about military vehicle history

To learn more click the link below.

Military Historical Association Lecture Series

Lynden Pioneer Museum
Lynden Pioneer MuseumSeptember 3, 2015 8:29 pm
The museum is looking for some people to be dunked at the Lynde 500 dunk tank. If you are interested in spending labor day from 10-30 to 2 having fun egging people on and getting dunked then please let us know in the comments below! Or contact us at the Lynden Pioneer Museum
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Lynden Pioneer Museum
Lynden Pioneer MuseumSeptember 3, 2015 5:09 am
Seems mother nature (winds storms and power outages), family company, and illness entered the battle but we've won. This program will surely get your blood to pumpin'. (Thanks for your patience)
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Lynden Pioneer Museum
Lynden Pioneer MuseumSeptember 3, 2015 4:54 am
Neither wind storms nor power outages nor family visitors nor the yuckies can keep us away any longer. Tune in to this one,
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Lynden Pioneer Museum
Lynden Pioneer MuseumSeptember 2, 2015 5:21 pm
September 2, 1915

WANTS ENTRIES NOW FOR COUNTY FAIR - A short, sharp call for entries of exhibits for the 1915 Whatcom County Fair Oct. 5 to 9 was sounded today.
“We are particularly anxious to get our entries in early,” said George W. Frick, secretary of the fair association, today.

WARREN HAWLEY NAMED CO-OPERATIVE MANAGER - Warren Hawley was elected manager of the Lynden Cooperative Company to succeed Conrad Axling at a meeting of the stockholders Saturday.

L. A. JONES, NEW PHONE SECRETARY, TAKES OFFICE - L. A. Jones, new secretary of the Farmers Mutual Telephone Company took office Wednesday succeeding H. E. Stuart.

100 MORE STUDENTS AT LYNDEN SCHOOLS - That the enrollment of the Lynden public schools will increase more than 100, is indicated by the registration returns of the first week.

Butter advanced one cent a pound Tuesday. Dairymen are now being paid 33 cents for butterfat at the Lynden creameries.

The splendid grape vine on J. W. Willmore’s place, which has been bringing forth an abundance of purple Concords for nearly thirty years is dying as a result of the dry weather.

Beginning Tuesday, the steel work on the new Guide Meridian bridge will be put in place.

Light traffic, including the auto stages, will be permitted to travel over the new Guide Meridian pavement to Bellingham September 15.

SHOCK ABSORBER SELLS CAR - The W. C. Shock Absorber handled by W. A. Bauman sold a Ford car this week. J. E. and D. Friend liked the easy way J. E. Campbell’s car rode with the shock absorber and purchased the machine.

The Lynden Christian School and the Ebenezer School will open for the fall term, Monday, Sept. 6.
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Lynden Pioneer Museum
Lynden Pioneer MuseumAugust 26, 2015 5:47 pm
Be sure to check out the Cemetery Tours this Saturday August 29th! Lynden Cemetery starts at 1:00, Greenwood Cemetery starts at 3:00.

Both are a great way to learn history as our costumed tour guide leads you on a walk back through time.
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