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Lynden Pioneer Museum
Lynden Pioneer MuseumFebruary 8th, 2016 at 10:33pm
February 10, 1916

LYNDEN SCHOOLS TO OPEN MONDAY – Lynden’s grammar and high schools will reopen Monday morning according to an announcement made by the board of education today.

WARM WIND AND RAIN MELT SNOW OFF FAST – A break in the long siege of cold weather came Tuesday, when the sun appeared and a slight thaw began. Rain fell steadily Wednesday, although the thermometer did not advance much above freezing.

LYNDEN DEFEATS EVERETT DEBATERS – Lynden’s team of debaters triumphed over Everett in an encounter of brains and oratory Friday night at the high school auditorium and sent a large audience away convinced that the Monroe Doctrine was as out-of-date as a hoop skirt.

TAXES DUE, SAYS COUNTY TREASURER – The Lynden district received its notices of personal property tax from County Treasurer Nellie Rogers Sunday morning.

FREEZE OR NO FREEZE, CITY WATER BILLS GO ON – Patrons of Lynden’s water system will be required to pay their bills as usual for the months of January and February, even though their pipes have been frozen during the cold weather, according to a decision of the council Friday night.

NEEDN’T REGISTER NOW IN TOWNSHIPS – Registration for township and school elections is not necessary, according to an opinion by Prosecuting Attorney W. P. Brown issued this week. All registration officials were notified of the decision.

So Lynden Waited – Lynden was cut off from the world last week from Tuesday until Friday afternoon, because of the blocking of the few miles of railroad between Hampton and Lynden. The main line of the B. and N. was open, but the company was unable to clear the five of six miles of branch until late Friday afternoon.

John Vanderyacht has sold his grocery and confectionery store to Albert J. De Young and John Breen. The new owners will take over the management Saturday. They will operate under the name of the Star Grocery Co.

Sunday schools of the churches, which were discontinued during the measles epidemic, have been given permission to start again Sunday.

Plans are now under way for the big high school basketball tournament between county teams Feb. 25 and 26 in the gymnasium. Eight schools are expected to enter.

Property owners on Front and Grover St. these days are paying assessments for local improvements.

The Holland School is closed indefinitely on account of bad weather. The school will need two new teachers next year, as Miss Dina Haveman and Miss Florence Tanis have resigned.
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Lynden Pioneer Museum
Lynden Pioneer Museum added a new photo.February 1st, 2016 at 7:31pm
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Lynden Pioneer Museum
Lynden Pioneer MuseumFebruary 1st, 2016 at 7:21pm
February 3, 1916

SCHOOL CLOSES 2 WEEKS: MEASLES – In an effort to prevent the spread of measles, Lynden’s grammar and primary school will be closed until Monday, Feb. 14, according to an announcement made this morning by Superintendent P. A. Wright.

TO MEET EVERETT IN BIG DEBATE – One of the most important events of the school year will take place tomorrow night when Lynden and Everett meet in debate at the High School Auditorium. This is the third debate in a series of four and both teams should be well prepared.

LOCAL CLUB WANTS MEMORIAL HIGHWAY – A vigorous campaign to get the United States to join with Canada in the building of a highway from Blaine to Sumas to commemorate the century of peace between the two countries, will be prosecuted by the North Prairie Good Roads Association.

DRIFTS CUT CITY OFF FROM WORLD – A month of snow and freezing weather has passed, and Lynden is still burdened with a cold white covering. The spell is the worst in recent years.

Eggs advanced to 35 cents on the Lynden market Monday. Butter is still at the same point, and no immediate change is looked for.

Lynden will shortly have an opportunity to see how some of its leading citizens look in darky costume. Preparations are now under way for a minstrel show to be given this month under the auspices of the Lynden Volunteer Fire Department.

The formation of a strong association of Guernsey breeders is well under way. A preliminary meeting was held last week, Nels Jacobson was named temporary chairman, and by-laws were adopted. A meeting will be called shortly to complete the organization.

Cold weather didn’t prevent some forty people enjoying the box supper given by the Fire Department Thursday night. They danced until late and partook of a delightful supper at the conclusion of the evening. No charges were levied by the Firemen.

February sixth is Boy Scout Sunday. The members of the local troupe will attend the evening service in the Methodist Episcopal Church, and Rev. Paul Ashby will speak from the topic “The Scout as Boy and Man.”
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Lynden Pioneer Museum
Lynden Pioneer Museum shared Washington Tractor's video.January 27th, 2016 at 7:19pm
Great Video about John Deere and North Washington Implement.
North Washington is celebrating 100 years this year and they originally started in the Museum building!

Washington Tractor
Honoring those that work the longest of day's... Thank You! [Washington Tractor] - Heritage Part 1 If this story encourages you to engage, please do. We appreciate your gracious support, shares, and feedback. Wishing you and your families heartfelt memories that add to your heritage story in 2016! http://www.WashingtonTractor.com #WashingtonTractor #JohnDeere #Honda #Stihl #9BillionBy2050 #AmericanFarmer #HeritageMatters #CCFarms #VoortexProductions
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Lynden Pioneer Museum
Lynden Pioneer MuseumJanuary 25th, 2016 at 7:50pm
January 27, 1916

TOWNSHIPS TO START YEAR WITH PRIMARY – Lynden township will hold its primary election Tuesday, Feb. 15, and Delta township has scheduled its primary Wednesday, Feb. 16. The township elections are the first in the big 1916 series which will terminate with the naming of a president of the United States.

CARL RATHMAN RETIRES FROM EFFICIENCY SHOP – The retirement of Carl Rathman from the firm of Jones and Rathman is an important business change announced this week. Wilder Jones will become the sole proprietor of The Efficiency Shop.

LYNDEN’S FINANCES APPEAR IMPROVED – Showing an increase of $5,000 in the borrowing capacity of Lynden over last year, the report of the city’s financial condition on Jan. 1 is published in The Tribune this week. A raise in property valuations and an increase in the budget is responsible for the improvement.

GEORGE FRICK PURCHASES INTEREST IN DEPT. STORE – Announcement was made today that George W. Frick had purchased an interest in the Lynden Department Store and had been elected vice-president of the firm.

NATIONAL THRIFT DAY TO BE OBSERVED FEB. 3 – Citizens generally in this community are receiving invitations to participate in the observance of February 3d as Thrift Day, and to set aside this, a special day on which the attention of the people will be called to the individual, neighborhood and national benefits that will flow from a more intense cultivation of the thrift habit.

Egbert Field had one of the most successful sales in this district in many a day Friday. He served lunch to 175 people. The sale was exceptionally well advertised; the entire bill was run in The Tribune, and the district was well covered with the sale bills.

A class in elementary bookkeeping will be started Thursday at the night school.

W. H. Waples started the New Year right by selling two Kelly-Springfield auto trucks, for which he has the county agency, to Bellingham firms.

An organization to boost for the International Boundary road and to work for the general improvement of roads in the district was formed last evening at North Prairie. It will be known as the North Prairie Good Roads Association. Conrad Axling is the president and G. Vander Griend, secretary.
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