The Lynden Pioneer Museum is proud to announce its collaboration

with the Military Historical Association

We will be providing lectures and bulletines about military vehicle history

To learn more click the link below.

Military Historical Association Lecture Series

Lynden Pioneer Museum
Lynden Pioneer MuseumJuly 28th, 2016 at 7:11pm
Mark your calendars for September 15, at 10:30 our very own Troy Luginbill will be telling tales of early Whatcom County.

The past comes alive as Troy presents four adventure stories from Whatcom County, narrated in period costume. These episodes include Hans Berthusen and the Big Black Bear, The Cranberry Wedding, The Nooksack Uprising (that wasn’t), and The Intrepid Case of the Missing Whiskey. If you really want to get into the mood of the seminar, feel free to arrive in a buggy!

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Lynden Pioneer Museum
Lynden Pioneer MuseumJuly 27th, 2016 at 9:04pm
July 27, 1916LYNDEN MEN WRITE FOR STATE'S BOOK – A valuable book on “Dairying, Poultry and Stock Raising in the State of Washington” has just been issued bythe Bureau of Statistics and Immigration of the State, and contains complete information concerning opportunities and results in these branches.

ASKS FOR OPINION ON COUNTY AGRICULTURIST – Whatcom county hasjust three chances to get a county agriculturist, and unless action is taken quickly it may be left with none, says President N. P. Sorensen, of the Whatcom County Dairymen's association. Of sixteen of these officers available, thirteen have been appointed.

TELLS WHAT COWS NEED - “The dairy cow must have green forage or othersucculences at all times if she is to hold up in her milk production,” declares Prof. A. B. Nystrom of Pullman in a State College bulletin this week. “It is not uncommon for many cows to drop in their milk flow during hot, dry weather, but this can be prevented by providing something to take the place of pasture.

DAIRYMEN TO CONSIDER PLANS FOR STOCK SALE – Whether to hold a joint sale of stock in Whatcom County, or to ship the cattle to market centers will be discussed by the Whatcom County Dairymen's Association at a meeting Saturday, August 5 at Ferndale.

KAFFIR CONCERT TO CLOSE CHAUTAUQUA – With a concert by the Kaffir Boy Choir, one of the main attractions of the week, Lynden's Chautauqua will close this evening.

Roland H. Hartley, candidate for the Republican nomination for governor, visited Lynden Thursday, accompanied by a quartet. Colonel Hartley was born and raised in Hugh Jamieson territory in New Brunswick, and he and Mr. Jamieson recalled the glories of those days.

Step up, ladies and gentlemen, and see the only genuine black snake ever discovered in these parts. The reptile is now on exhibition at Edson's Drug Store, and admission is free.

Loganberries nearly two inches long are being grown by J. W. Tremain on his Lynden berry farm. Mr. Tremain brought a generous sample of the jumbo berries to The Tribune office this week.

The new motor in the city's pumping station was started Thursday, and the water is now being forced to the tank electrically. Not only does the city save considerably over the expense and trouble of maintaining a gasoline engine, but also Water Superintendent Pixley gains considerable time that was formerly given to looking after the gasoline engine.

C. S. Sweezy, formerly of Lynden, and now of Southhaven, Mich., imparts the following advice on how to cure lumpy jaw in a letter to The Tribune this week.“Rub the lump 3 times a week with fresh lard for two weeks,” he writes, “and the lump will disappear. I have cured several cases in this way.”
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Lynden Pioneer Museum
Lynden Pioneer MuseumJuly 27th, 2016 at 8:26pm
from the guestbook:

"This museum was wonderful! A very large collection and very nice people!" - Family Van Dyk, from Holland
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Lynden Pioneer Museum
Lynden Pioneer Museum added 6 new photos.July 22nd, 2016 at 1:38am
We got lots of little toys in at the gift shop today!
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Lynden Pioneer Museum
Lynden Pioneer MuseumJuly 21st, 2016 at 7:23pm
We would like to thank the LPM Endowment Foundation for their continuing efforts to support the Lynden Pioneer Museum. Their annual contribution provides us with 18% of our budget. Through invested funds they will continue to provide the museum with many tomorrows.

Chairman Richard Decima of the LPM Endowment Foundation presenting President Michelle Spencer of the Lynden Heritage Foundation.
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