The Lynden Pioneer Museum is proud to announce its collaboration

with the Military Historical Association

We will be providing lectures and bulletines about military vehicle history

To learn more click the link below.

Military Historical Association Lecture Series

Lynden Pioneer Museum
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Lynden Pioneer Museum
Lynden Pioneer MuseumDecember 3rd, 2016 at 3:28pm
Our security cameras caught sight of a little elf sneaking into the museum today! Come and find him!
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Lynden Pioneer Museum
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There are so many fabulous things going on in Lynden tomorrow! It's the perfect day to spend downtown!

And don't forget at 2:00 at the museum A PIONEER CHRISTMAS will be presentated by Tames Alan. This event is free!

Dressed in the authentic clothing of a pioneer woman, and using three differently decorated Christmas trees, Tames explores how the holiday was celebrated by an upper middleclass family in an East Coast city, a homesteading community in the Midwest, and those who tried to keep their traditions alive out on the prairie in the nineteenth century.

You will discover the significance of presents, crèches, nutcrackers, and what was used to decorate the trees. Tames also talks about the perils of holiday travel and how food played a major part in the celebrations.

And you may be able to find a certain sneaky elf in the museum gift shop if you want to participate in the scavenger hunt!
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Lynden Pioneer Museum
Lynden Pioneer MuseumDecember 1st, 2016 at 2:35pm
November 30, 1916

TO HOLD GRAND BALL FOR BENEFIT LIBRARY - For the benefit of the Lynden public library, a Charity Ball will be given Saturday evening, Dec. 9, at Hawley's Hall. The affair will be under the management of the Klatawa Club, whose Charity Ball last year proved one of the most popular affairs of the winter.

CITY WILL AUCTION OFF SPLENDID GRAY STEED - Want to buy a nice grey horse, kind and gentle, and very fond of children and food?
Jake Le Compte, city marshal, has impounded just such a steed, and he will offer it for sale Saturday afternoon at two o'clock, at the Town Hall, unless the owner should claim him before that time.

LYNDEN WILL ASSIST STARVING ARMENIA - Lynden is responding to the appeal made by the Red Cross and President Wilson to aid the Armenian war sufferers, and a fund is now being raised locally.

BILL WOULD ELIMINATE FOOLISH PARTISAN VOTING - Citizens of the Lynden district who believe that public offices of county and state should be filled by men selected on their own merits, rather than because they belong to some political party, will find at The Tribune office an initiative petition that they will be glad to sign.

LYNDEN TO OBSERVE QUIET THANKSGIVING - Lynden will observe Thanksgiving Day by ceasing from the usual routine of business, and making the day one of rest and prayer.

To Give Concert And Farce - A jolly one-act farce and a program of popular and classical music will be included in the offering of the Lynden Choral Club on Thursday evening, Dec. 14, at Jamieson's Opera House.

Fire Destroys Poultry Farm - An early morning fire originated in a gas lighting plant destroyed the home, barn and chicken houses belonging to Earl Craine near Lynden Monday. The blaze made a clean sweep of the Craine poultry farm, one of the largest in the county.

The G. R. Shoup hennery, on Route 2, Lynden, has been sold. Roy M. Palmer, who for the past six months has had the management of the place in the absence of the Shoups, who are in the government employ at the experiment station at Puyallup, has purchased the stock on hand and has leased the fixtures for a year.

Cornelious Feenhouse takes rank this week as the best guesser in Lynden. He calculated the time a flashlight in the Farmers Mercantile Company window would burn nearer than anyone else. The Kwiklite burned 13 hours and 44 minutes. His estimate was 15 hours and 30 minutes, and he received one of the flashlights as prize.

Marriage licenses were issued last week to two Lynden couples, Levi Axlund and Mary Jacobson, and Herman F. Harvey and Dora Miller.

Harry Rinehart is ill with the quinsy.
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Lynden Pioneer Museum
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December is almost here! We've got a great variety of Advent calendars at the gift shop!
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