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The Lynden Pioneer Museum is dedicated to offering excellent educational and historic resources to the surrounding community and beyond.

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Throughout the year the Lynden Pioneer Museum offers exciting educational opportunities for children and adults. From tours and scavenger hunts to historical re-enactments and public speakers, LPM is a resource for students, teachers, and learners of every age. 

  • Museum Tours: Full scale replicas and exhibits of early Lynden life led by a museum staff or volunteer.
  • Scavenger Hunts: Search the museum for historic artifacts and record your trip through history with stamps in your “Passport.”
  • Slide Shows: Photographs and narration of early Whatcom County life, for rent or presented by a museum volunteer/ staff. Contact the museum for more information.
  • Past Alive!: Visiting speakers and living history character re-enactors. Contact the museum for more info.
  • Pioneer Workshops: A hands on workshop for 2nd grade. Contact the museum for more info.
  • Settlement to Town Workshops: A hands on workshop for 5th grade. Contact the museum for more info.
  • Adult Classes: Genealogy, antiques, and much more. Contact the museum for current classes offered.


  • Re-enactments: Volunteers, such as this “Lynden Barber,” help bring actual people in Lynden’s history back to “life,” during special programs and open houses. The museum also hosts public and school programs each year featuring talented actors portraying such historic figures, as Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Captain George Pickett of Civil War and local Pig War fame.
  • Special Exhibits: Visiting exhibits from around the country. Contact the museum for upcoming exhibits.
  • Open House: Speakers and demonstrations of early life in Whatcom County. Held every fall. Contact the museum for current dates.

We take interns from any accredited university program and can work with the intern to establish a unique, practical learning experience. 

Museology Internship

ANTH 470 Museology Studies Dr. Joyce D. Hammond Professor Department of Anthropology Western Washington University Bellingham WA 98225 Tele: (360)650-4796 Fax: (360)650-7668
The Lynden Pioneer Museum Internship Program contains the information necessary for students to select and participate in an internship at the Lynden Pioneer Museum for the duration of a quarter. The Lynden Pioneer Museum recognizes the importance of practical experience while learning. To this end, the museum will maintain a strong internship program for both university and high school students. The goal of an internship at the Lynden Pioneer Museum is to teach students the skills that are needed in the professional world of museum operations, historic preservation, and heritage tourism. An internship will consist of both on the job training by an experienced staff member and informal lectures regarding general museum policies and practices according to the American Museum Association accreditation guidelines. For grading purposes, the student must have a sponsoring teacher or faculty member. This sponsor will be responsible for informing the student about the requirements of the department in regards to internship grading and credits earned. The Lynden Pioneer Museum will provide additional grading, or grade recommendations of the students as required by the department through which the internship is being conducted. For more information visit
PHOTO ARCHIVES The vintage photo collection has been cataloged and is available to students and other researchers. Included are hundreds of images portraying local industries (dairy, logging, agriculture, business), transportation, social history (schools, events, etc.) and homesteads. The museum also hosts part of the Whatcom Memories Project, a recent collaborative effort with the Whatcom Museum of History & Art to copy family photographs and collect oral histories of pioneer families.

Oeducational-flyerTHER RESOURCES The museum has a large collection of historic newspapers, and other paper documents such as legal notices, handbills, letters, and signs that help students research past events and better understand the history of the area. The museum also offers a complete research library on the history of Whatcom County, with a focus on the northern communities, as well as resources for locating and researching local history at other heritage sites.

Adventures in History! Here’s some fun Lynden pioneer stories retold in the pages of “Adventures in Lynden,” published by the museum in the 1980s and 1990s. Feel free to print them out and color them.


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