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The Lynden Pioneer Museum is dedicated to offering excellent educational and historic resources to the surrounding community and beyond.

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For Teachers

Below are some resources for teachers to enhance your history or social studies curriculum while meeting Washington StateEssential Academic Learning Requirements in history, geography, civics, economics and inquiry and information skills.

  • Lessons and Activities
    Download history and social study lessons and activities.
  • Slide Shows
    Photographs and narration available at the museum, for rent or presented by a museum volunteer/staff. Contact the museum to order.
  • Pioneer Workshops
    A hands on workshop for 2nd grade. Contact the museum for more info.
  • Settlement to Town Workshops
    A hands on workshop for 5th grade. Contact the museum for more info.
  • Speakers and Presenters
    LPM connects you to local historians and knowledgeable speakers and presenters for more Whatcom County history. Contact the museum for names of presenters.
  • Virtual Museum Project: for Grades 7-12
    Students participate behind the scenes to create a digital exhibit for the public. Contact the museum if you wish to participate. Take a moment to look at the museum’s online collections
  • History and Technology in the Classroom
    Helpful ideas about how to enhance your history and social studies lessons using basic classroom technology and the Internet. More info coming soon.
  • Collaborative Projects
    Teachers and LPM collaborate to expand students’ experience of history, and enrich teaching resources for educators. Contact the museum for collaboration ideas.
  • Wireless Discovery Network
    A small, handheld computer called a “Time Machine” gives students access to digital displays and primary resources in the museum. Now you can access the same information online by using the online collections
  • Archives
    25,000 artifacts from Whatcom County’s early residents, as well as 24, 000 photographs, searchable by subject, ranging from 1860’s to present. Contact the museum for an appointment to search the archives.
  • Library
    Books and other publications about the history of the Pacific Northwest, many out-of-print. Contact the museum for an appointment to use the library.
  • Extra Credit Opportunities
    Offer extra credit to your students for attending special museum events.Contact the museum for a calendar of upcoming events.
  • National History Day
    A link to this nation wide competition of student history presentations including dramatic performances, and visual displays. Click here.
  • Links
    Other great history websites containing facts, lesson plans, games, and primary and secondary historical resources. Click here.

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