Paper Quilt Mural

Make a paper quilt like the real ones made during WWII. Watch history come alive as everyone shares in a creative quilt-making project. Hang the mural on the wall when you are finished.


· Letter-sized white paper, cut into squares and marked with a 1/2” border

· Colored construction paper

· Crayons and markers

· Stars, stickers, glitter, feathers, and other fun decorations

· Glue

· Scissors

· Tape


Step 1:

Using the crayons, construction paper and decorations, have guests illustrate their squares They can illustrate with images of Victory gardens, items in short supply during the war, or pictures of friends and family. Be as creative as you like! Make sure enough squares are made to assemble a rectangular or square “quilt”.

Step 2:

Using a large, flat surface (the floor is probably best), lay everyone’s squares upside-down and side by side, making a large “quilt”.

Step 3:

Assemble the mural by taping the quilt “squares” together from the back, then reinforcing on the front with either clear tape or a carefully applied colored tape that can serve as both an accent and a unifying border. You can also use a wide, indelible marker over clear tape on the front to create a unifying border.


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