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Lynden History Timeline

A brief look at Lynden’s life span from the Gold Rush to Automobiles.

1842 -First caravan crosses the U.S. on the Oregen Trail
1852 -The first non-native settlement made on Bellingham Bay
1853 -Holden and Phoebe Judson cross the U.S. on Oregon Trail, and settle in the Centralia area, south of Olympia
1858 -Fraser River Gold Rush
1860 -First Non-Native settlers arrive after leaving gold rush
1860 -Col. James A. Patterson settles in Lynden area
1860 -Reuben Bizer settles in prairie land around Lynden area
1865-69 -Daniel McClanahan, Joe Emerling, Daniel Kilcup, Harry West, and George Rehberger settle between Lynden and Everson
1870 -Holden and Phoebe Judson are first family not connected to the gold rush to move to Lynden area
1872 -Enoch and Mary Hawley family move to Lynden
1873 -Lynden’s first post office established
1876 -Lynden’s first school established, taught in a home
1877 -First log jam removed from Nooksack River
1879 -Second large log jam removed from Nooksack River-First steamer arrives in Lynden named “Fanny Lake”
1882 -First school house in the Hawley log building
1884 -Maltby and Robinson open first saw mill
1885 -Prof. J.R. Bradley establishes Normal School, later WWU-Guide Meridian opens in Lynden to west end of Wiser Lake
1886 -Hawley opens his mill
1887 -First woman doctor, Mrs. E. A. Gillett-Methodist Church, Lynden’s first church building, completed-Lynden’s population reaches 125
1888 -Lynden prints first newspaper, The Pioneer Press-Drug store opened by Dr. White-Opera House opens above Judson’s store-Capt. Maltby builds the steamer “Triumph” in Lynden

-Creamery Opens

1889 -Grade School building at Fishtrap Creek opens-Population reaches 500 by February-Lanning Hotel built-Washington becomes a State
1890 -Population reaches 1000 by June
1891 -Lynden is incorporated-Holden Judson is elected Lynden’s first mayor
1894 -Bridges are built over the Nooksack River, connecting Lynden with the Guide Meridian
1897 -Bill Waples opens Lynden Department Store
1899 -Holden Judson dies at age 73
1902 -Co-Operative creamery formed
1903 -Waples Shingle Mill and Light plant opens
1904 -January 1, B.B. and B.C. Railroad opens line to Lynden
1905 -Lynden State Bank opens
1908 -Pioneer Press renamed the Lynden Tribune
1912 -Puget Power begins to supply electricity
1913 -First Lynden Department Store burns down
1914 -Lynden High School building completed, now Lynden Middle School-Front Street paved
1915 -First National Bank opens


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