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Thank You
2017: In-Kind Donations for museum programs
Ralphs floors - Linoleum
West side - Toilet
Ace Hardware - Lynden tape and tarp for trailer
Simple Box - Lynden 500 tunnel and bleachers delivery
Print Stop - Lynden 500 checks
Hats Off - Lynden trophies
Nooksack Disposal - Weekly trash removal
McDonalds - Coupons
Dairy Queen - Hot Dogs and bits
Aramark - Hot Dogs
Lynden Paint - Trim paint
Safeway - Lynden supplies
Trader Joes - Lynden prize
Fred Meyers - Lynden supplies
City of Lynden - Cones, bits, maintenance, etc
Gillies - Cemetery Tours Poster printing and advertising
Aslan Brewery - Beer for WW1 exhibit opening
Western Trailer Sales - Roof Sealant for Fireworks trailer
Northwest Surveying & GPS - Floor paint and all decals and graphics for fireworks trailer.
Strengholt Const. - Place to store fireworks and lumber for WW1 exhibit
Vans Plumbing - Materials for WW1 exhibit
Lynden Christian Health - Materials for WW1 exhibit
Gary's BBQ - Grilled Lynden hotdogs

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