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The Museum
Mission Statement
The Lynden Heritage Foundation exists to provide Whatcom County Communities with a sense of identity and enhance local revenue through heritage tourism. The Lynden Heritage Foundation will achieve these goals by supporting educational programs, creating exhibits, and presentations, and preserving heritage collections concerning Whatcom County Communities prior to WWII and veterans history through to current conflicts. The programs, exhibits, presentations, and collections will be based at the Lynden Pioneer Museum.

Vision Statement
The Lynden Heritage Foundation is the preeminent center of history and heritage in Northern Whatcom County. It is the place people come first to discover and link themselves to the heritage of Whatcom County communities. The Lynden Heritage Foundation will provide county communities with the strongest sense of identity and greatest pride of self for communities. The Lynden Heritage Foundation will be the single greatest factor in giving the leaders of tomorrow the sense of self that allows them to develop the future and the tremendous potential that the past provides. The Foundation will do this by creating the most inspiring, interactive and educational exhibits, the best cared for and easily accessible collections, the best and most informative dramatic history presentations, and the most involving, entertaining and practical educational programs and curriculum along the western seaboard from Alaska to Baja. The Lynden Pioneer Museum will be the vehicle by which the Lynden Heritage Foundation realizes this vision.

The Lynden Pioneer Museum is operated by the Lynden Heritage Foundation, a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization in the State of Washington.

Lynden Heritage Board of Trustees
President: Clarence Zylstra
Vice-President: Fred Polinder
Treasurer: Joel Robinson
Secretary: Peg Riley
Trustee: Randy Sagar
Trustee: Micheal Spencer
Trustee: Open
Trustee: Wayne Lamphere

Lynden Endowment Foundation Board
Chair: Dick Decima
Secretary: Troy Luginbill
Treasurer: Erik Bauer
Trustee: Judie VanBeek
Trustee: Megan Stainfield
Trustee: Mike Lewis
Trustee: Gordon Plotts
At Large: Roger Elliot

Director/Curator: Troy Luginbill
Volunteer and Membership Manager: Jenna Schrengohst
Custodian: Lexi Starkenburg

Members are the foundation of the non-profit Lynden Pioneer Museum, and your help assures its long term success. Your support is valuable. For more information about membership and its benefits to you, visit our Membership Page.

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